We offer the fastest, most affordable and most ecologically sound method for your turnkey backyard or pasture reclamation project from small to large scale. Please scroll to the bottom of the page and find our Facebook link for more before and after pictures.



Bending Branches offers forestry underbrushing and land clearing using a dedicated forestry mulcher. This purpose built machine turns all brush and trees into a valuable mulch that helps stabilize the soil, composts in short time helping ro amend your soil.  This is not a little skid steer with a mulching head, but a purpose built beast.  A mulching head is capable of work a brush hog is not able to do and leaves behind a much better finish. 

"Forestry mulching is the single step process by which undesirable vegetation -trees, brush, and stumps- is ground into mulch by mobile machinery. The mulch is spread as evenly as possible over the entire cutting area to retard initial re-growth, prevent erosion, and replenish the topsoil base. Unlike other clearing methods forestry mulching leaves no brush piles, and there is no burning or scarred land. Damage to "keeper" trees is greatly reduced because forestry mulching protects the vital topsoil layer and delicate "feeder" roots.


Permitting and/or additional erosion control is almost never required. The landowner is left with a fresh carpet of mulch, which naturally decomposes into rich top soil. Forestry mulching can be done in weather that shuts downs other technologies. Most importantly, mulching is faster and cheaper than traditional land clearing methods." - V&V Land Management

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